Hybrid Cloud Implementation Service

GR Solutions helps customers moving their on-premises IT assets to a Hybrid Cloud as comprehensive solution using cloud services and OSS Software services. Though our team size is limited, we will provide competitive value to our customers with proficiency in major cloud services including Amazon,Azure,Oracle, OpenStack, and OSS Software

PMO Support for Global IT Projects

Whenever new IT projects are launched in a global organization, we, the GR Solutions supports the PMO for a smooth rollout across the regions from various roles, depends on customer's requirements, such as global project manager, bridge engineer, or interpretation/translation support (Japanese and English).

Digital Marketing and Integration

As the digital technology has driven innovation on Sales Marketing, customers are now required to take new digital marketing strategies, including Marketing Automation, Content Marketing, Big Data, Mobile, Social Media & the DMP, OmniChannel, UX, Digital Branding, and Campaign Management Systems.

GR Solutions supports customers by providing the best of breed solutions with OpenText TeamSite or Salesforce services. Partnering with Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ)(, and also sharing successful business cases and knowledge from overseas technology companies, GR Solutions will launch our new, TeamSite based, SaaS solution on IIJ GIO cloud service on later 2017.

IT Experts Dispatch

With our wide range of network in IT industry, GR Solutions supports customers by dispatching IT staffs whose skills and experience suitable to their requirements. Types of skill range from system development, infrastructure, PM/PMO, to high-level consultation, and we ensure staffs' commitment to provide values to our customers.

IBM i Modernization Service

As effective on January 1st 2017, GRSolutions has become an official reseller of X-Analysis products in Japan by partnering with Fresche Solutions, headquartered in Montreal Canada.

Fresche Solutions

With our expertise in cloud-based infrastructure and application development, also adding the value of X-Analysis to our services, GRSolutions will support providing the best modernization solution to your IBM i applications (RPG, COBOL, etc.).

X-Analysis is a total modernization software product consists of various tools which enables you to analyze, abstract and document every aspect of your IBM i application in an easy-to-understand manner, and even also to convert/refactor your systems to open source languages. GRSolutions has also partnered with Daiichi Computer Resource Co., Ltd (DCR) BELL DATA, Inc., and will work together providing X-Analysis implementation and modernization consulting services in Japan.

Fresche Product List and Datasheet download

≪Output Documents≫

  • Object List
  • Program List
  • File List
  • Source File List
  • Source Member List
  • LFs/Access Path
  • Access Path Diagram
  • File Field Details
  • Object Where Used
  • Variable Where used
  • Structure Chart
  • Expanded Structure Chart
  • Detailed Structure Chart
  • Inverted Structure Chart
  • Hierarchical Structure Chart
  • Data Flow Diagram
  • Data Flow Diagram Details
  • Program Structure Chart
  • Screen/Report Layout
  • Data Model Diagram
  • Data Model Diagram Details
License:Fresche Advisor
  • Document Manager
  • Application Area
  • CRUD Sheet
  • Field Usage
  • Pseudo Code
  • Flow Chart
  • Pseudo Code Flow Chart
  • Process Flow Diagram

≪Output Documents≫

License:Fresche Advisor
  • Problem Analysis
  • Metrics Analysis
  • File Metrics
  • Screen Metrics
  • Database Summary

≪Output Documents≫

License:Fresche Advisor
  • Business Rules

Global Technology Research & Partnering Support

Everyday, new technologies and ideas are emerging in IT Software industry around the globe, and generally the major global IT companies mediate and provide those as new solutions to local IT vendors and customers in Japan. GR Solutions has formed a partnership with vortechs KK., and will begin to provide the latest business cases, know-how, and resources to customers in Japan with our direct network with overseas venture companies.

About Us

GR Solutions, Inc.
Head Office
Shinjuku-Nomura Building 24F, 1-26-2, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-0524, Japan
May, 2012
Board Members
Satoru Kamata, President & CEO
Shinichi Watanabe, Board of Director
Koji Shiraishi, Board of Director & CTO
10,000,000 JPY(Wholly owned subsidiary of Growth xPartners Incorporated.
Our Focus and Solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud Implementation Service
  • PMO Support for Global IT Projects
  • Digital Marketing and Integration
  • IBM i Modernization Service
  • Overseas Technology Research & Partnering Support


GR Solutions is looking for new staffs with skills and experience.
If you are interested in any of the positions listed below, please check the details and send us your resume.
We expect your motivation to provide advantages and values to our customers, GR Solutions, and also to yourself.

Open Expertise
  • Database Engineer (Oracle 12c, Amazon RDS, and other Open Source DB)
  • System Development and Operational Design Consultant (ITIL Consultant)
  • IT Engineer with Bilingual Proficiency (Japanese and English)
  • Development Engineer for TeamSite, Marketo, and Salesforce
How to Apply
What documents to prepare?
  • Your Resume
  • 1 to 2 pages of paper introducing your strengths and personality(free format)
Where to send your documents?
You may send the hard copy of your documents to following address, or attached to your email (

Office Address:

Shinjuku-Nomura Building 24F, 1-26-2, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-0524, Japan
To: GR Solutions, Inc. HR Department(Be sure to note “Resume Enclosed” on the cover.)

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* Your documents will be review only by GR Solutions, and will not be given to any other parties.