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The activity of the personal information protection in us is the theme that is very important to our operation and thinks
that it is at all very important towards all information main constituents of a customer and thepersonal information to handle.
Therefore, we carry out a company-wide action for personal information protection activity and provide relief towards all of a customer and the personal information to handle 
and I establish the following policies to ensure that I carry out the duty of the social responsibility and observe this.

  1. About collection of personal information
    When we collect the personal information,
    (1)I collect only necessary ranges for the achievement of the collection purpose and do not perform the use out of the purpose.
    (2)I perform it with legitimate and fair means.
    (3)I clarify a collection purpose beforehand and perform it on an agreement. In addition, I manage the personal information that we collected appropriately, and the use, 
    the offer limit it to the range that obtained consent and do not provide the disclosure to the third party except it.
  2. About legal compliance
    We observe laws and ordinances in conjunction with the personal information and other models. In addition, I always adapt these laws and ordinances and other models to structure of our management.
  3. Appropriate management of the personal information
    I carry out the safety measures including security measures to secure accuracy of the personal information and safety and prevent injustice access to personal information, loss of the personal information, destruction, manipulation, a leak surely, and we correct it appropriately when a problem produces it.
  4. About correspondence to a complaint and consultation When I received proposing of a correction of the personal information, addition or the deletion from the person, I take an appropriate step without delay. 
    And I cope with protection of the personal information and a complaint about the appropriate handling adequately and quickly.
  5. About continuous improvement
    Through an opportunity of domestic inspection and an opportunity and the complaint of the management review and the consultation,
    I improve personal information protection activity continuously and maintain the always best state.

May, 2012
GR Solutions, Inc.
Satoru Kamata President & CEO

About an action to personal information protection

  1. About personal information
    It is the information about the individual and I can distinguish an authorized individual by a number acquired according to a full name, the date of birth, an individual, other descriptions and say (including the thing which can distinguish an authorized individual easily by collating it with other information).
  2. About a use purpose of the personal information
    We use personal information for the purpose of follows.
    ・Management of personnel affairs, the labor, the salary about our all employees (regardless of an employment form)
    ・Communication about repair for the customer who had you purchase our product and other maintenance duties
    ・Management of duties about the adoption of our operation applicant
    ・Communication of the information about the service improvement of our duties, maintenance and the obstacle
    ・Communication in the business activity about our duties
  3. Prohibition for purpose diplomatic delegations of the personal information
    The personal information that I acquired does not use the purpose outside without the consent of the person. 
    But it is not this limit when I use statistics data after a case to include the consent of the person and personal identification did it in an impossible state as data for the study.
  4. About accuracy and safe securing of personal information
    I pay scrupulous attention to secure accuracy of the personal information and try for data maintenance. 
    I pay scrupulous attention to the data handling of the personal information and perform necessary and appropriate measures for prevention of loss, destruction, a leak, loss, the manipulation, other safety management.
  5. Trust of the handling of the personal information
    Within our personal information use purpose, I may entrust you with the handling of some or all of the personal information outside. I make the selection criteria for about the protection standard personal information about the choice of the trust and perform severe examination. After the choice, I enter into a non-disclosure agreement and perform management, supervision of the trust.
  6. About the joint use
    Joint use business intermediation and the personal information that I collected from the company which concluded a partner contract or the organization only between the company concerned or an organization.
  7. Third party offer
    About personal information, I do not do disclosure, the offer for any third party without the consent of the person. But above 5 does not include trust ahead of the における handling in a third party.
  8. The legitimate and fair acquisition of the personal information
    I perform the acquisition of the personal information by legitimate and fair means.
  9. About disclosure, a correction of the personal information
    When disclosure, a correction, addition and deletion, suspension and removal are hoped for about our personal data, I cope in during a rational period and a range after the person who had you report confirmed that it is the person.
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