Effort, Confidence, Prosper whit customers

Management Philosophy

We constantly strive for creative and constant efforts, we have a mission to prosper with our customers by gaining the trust of our customers with truth.

We also make employees and their families happy, think of contributing to the future environment and sustainable business in society,
and aim to survive and develop the company.

Our Message


Fuji is a symbol of our company, and is also said to be a mountain of heart. Moreover, it is also a symbol of our Japanese people.

Through years of sales experience I have cherished the serious service to the customer in the first place.

Of course, in order to satisfy customers, it is important to output the best output as a team.
However, I believe that having a heart of hospitality as a person is the most important thing.

We always respect our partner, gaining trust through responsible work, repeated trust.
We will strive to become a Trusted person who connects people with mind every day as much as possible.

Thank you very much from all of our employees.

President and CEO Satoru Kamata