Happy New Year 2019 !!!

To GRS members,

Happy New Year!!

Last year, the parent company, Growth xPartners, has been established for 10 years.

Moreover, in last November, it became holding company. According to the incorporation-type demerger, GxP Incorporated. and Growth Architectures & Teams, Inc. has been established and it became a changing year which look hard at the next ten years.

It has been passed for 7 terms since our company has been established. In 2017, or 2018, it was second rebuilding so that we changed the business right opposite from the previous one, and we had progress by calling in new colleague. A lot of customers, partners, and everyone’s support is reflected at performance recovery in these two years. Thank you very much.

2 years from 2019, it will be challenging years for new things. It seems that the business environment (including domestic and overseas) will be changed largely. However, there is forecast of not being able to headlong, so take action by forecasting the change and seeing current situation and the future.

Thereby, each members should think of “customer and customer after that” at this year. Hope that everyone change and challenge by not being afraid of failure, and please think a great deal of one step further.

To borrow a phrase, “we don’t know what is the answer. It is not the only one. let’s walk by own’s perspective.” I wish everyone live a life by keep this word in your heart.

This year, please pay attention to your health, and please make effort for our customer’s success and development by giving wisdom each other. Moreover, while contributing to the whole GxP group, let’s contribute to the implementation of sustainable ethical society.

GR Solutions, inc.

President & CEO Satoru Kamata